Corporate Web Design

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We were challenged to create a minimalist website that encapsulates Etrade Trust´s service and reach. An import/export business with a global reach with a global audience.

Online Store Design

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Founded in Macau SAR, special administrative region of People’s Republic of China, Nihao Macau is a brand celebrating local tourism in need of an online store that would be localised to their target audience. We were set to create an online store with a modern fresh look that represents future memories for those visiting Macau.

Healthcare Web Design

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The quality of of a medical service success is determined by the service of the medical practice, but the website is frequently the patient’s first point of contact. CETRUC a urology clinic based in Portugal, a business with such an impact on people we knew we had to create something special to give the right representation platform, on the website and logo re-design challenge presented to us.

Video Production Branding and Web Design

Video Production Branding and Web Design Blog

Vas Media, a progressive and insightful video production company based out of Hong Kong looking to revamp their branding and re-design their website, reached out to us. Of course, we took on the challenge of creating the new website for Vas Media and re-designing their Logo.