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etsy seo


Etsy SEO refers to search engine optimization as it relates to the internal search algorithm of the ecommerce platform.

Customers using the Etsy app or website can find products in a variety of ways.

Scanning the homepage and browsing categories are examples. If they are logged in, they will even be able to see product recommendations.

When it comes to specific desires, however, most customers flock to one location: the Etsy search bar.

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1. Shop Titles

In order to make your business more searchable, you might wish to identify your specialization and give it a name, even if it’s not strictly necessary.

2. Listings and Keywords
etsy seo

Use the top keyword that your target buyer searches for to find your product.

To find the best keyword for your product, jot down a few keywords and enter them into Etsy’s search bar.

Using an Etsy keyword research tool such as SEM Rush is a more accurate way to find keywords to use on Etsy.

The equilibrium between supply and demand is achieved only through a reaction against the upsetting of the equilibrium.

3. Products vs Demand

Is key to have products that naturally will be in demand, do your research, research your competitors and analyse their sales numbers of key listings.

4. Dont use the same titles

Product attributes are present in ecommerce platforms such as Etsy for a reason. They eliminate the need for sellers to create multiple listings for the same item.

5. Accurate and Clear Descriptions
etsy seo

In the product description of your listing, include your target keyword. Include related keywords as well.

Use a natural tone of voice. Write your description in complete, human-friendly sentences, and incorporate your keywords naturally.

6. ETSY Tags

Tags are a section of Etsy listings. These are descriptive words and phrases for your listing’s color, style, shape, function, and so on.

They’re optional, but filling them out can significantly improve your product’s search ranking. This is because Etsy’s search algorithm uses tags to determine how relevant your products are for specific keywords.

7. Re-publish your Listings
etsy seo

According to tsy’s help documentation, creating new listings and renewing existing listings provides a temporary boost in search rankings.

To take advantage of this boost, it is recommended that you get into the habit of renewing your listings semi-regularly.

However, keep in mind that Etsy warns against using this tactic as an effective Etsy SEO strategy.

8. Shop sections
etsy seo

Shop sections are groups into which you can organize your products. They’re optional, but they help customers navigate your store more easily.

Wrapping up

Etsy SEO is simple to learn. A few minor changes can drastically alter the way your listings appear in search results.

The main takeaways from this list should be to offer desirable products and to carefully select your keywords.

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