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8 Useful ETSY SEO Tips

etsy seo tips


Etsy is mostly renowned for selling craft materials, antique products, homemade goods, and other one-of-a-kind items. Etsy’s business model is mainly reliant on custom-made and personalized items that fulfill the wants of its clients.

Improving the visibility of platforms like Etsy on search engines is accomplished through a method called as search engine optimization, or simply SEO. SEO may be difficult, especially since search engines’ ranking factors are always changing.

What Exactly is Etsy SEO?
etsy seo tips

Improving the visibility of platforms such as Etsy on search engines is accomplished through a method called as search engine optimization, or simply SEO. SEO may be difficult, especially because search engines’ ranking factors are always changing.

As a result, Etsy sellers must comprehend SEO best practices. If you employ keywords and follow other recommended practices, your Etsy store or website may appear on the first page of search results.

The search procedure for Etsy SEO is divided into two sections:

Query matching

When a consumer searches for a product on Etsy, the search engine looks for relevant keywords in the titles, tags, categories, and descriptions you’ve supplied in your listings.


Etsy takes into account how relevant buyers locate and interact with your listings. If a consumer is interested in your goods and remains in your shop for a long time, your listing quality score grows.

1. Short and straight to the point

A listing’s title is a critical piece of information. The title of your listing impacts where it ranks on Etsy, so carefully select and organize relevant terms.

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2. Repetition is a no no.
etsy seo tips

Since you are a new Etsy seller, it is probable that you have a general store with a wide range of goods, including vintage clothing, jewellery, accessories, etc., which indicates you are aiming for a sizeable clientele. Sellers frequently commit the error of ranking many goods in the same category using the same set of keywords.

3. Use the right words

Keywords have a significant role in Etsy SEO. Etsy seeks to promote vendors that include keywords that precisely correspond to the search terms of their clients. While looking up the best keywords for your shop, consider yourself as a customer. What would your potential customer enter into a search engine to locate your good or service? What keywords are they most likely to enter?

4. Rebrand your store, if needed.
etsy seo tips

The name of an online business clearly states what products it sells to potential clients. Therefore, don’t pass up the possibility to offer your shop a name that fits.

This name will serve as the basis for the title of your store page, which visitors to your shop will see right away.

5. Promote your listings, always.

When you utilize social media to promote your items as an Etsy seller, you’ll increase traffic to your listings and enhance Etsy search engine optimization.

This is because you generate backlinks, which Etsy values highly. Since you mention your Etsy store and items outside of the platform, Etsy rewards you with a higher overall rating in search results.

You may utilize other platforms in addition to social media. Writing blogs about your Etsy items benefits SEO. A further advantage is that having Google show it in the SERPs will expose more people to your Etsy store.

6. Improve BX "Buyer Experience"
etsy seo tips

When calculating a shop’s ranking on the marketplace, Etsy takes into account consumer happiness. Your store will probably rank better in search engine results if it has been validated.

You must make sure your profile is as thorough as possible if you want to sell more items on Etsy. Include details here about the company’s shipping, payment methods, and return and exchange policies.

7. Updated Listings

Listings that have just been updated may experience an increase in search activity, depending on how frequently people hunt for certain goods.

Although Etsy cautions against this as a long-term SEO strategy, sometimes renewing or relisting your items may be advantageous.

8. Description Tags

There is a 13-tag limit for item descriptions. Use each one to its fullest potential. The 20-character limit for each tag forces you to concentrate on long-tail keywords and utilize technical language.

When creating tags on Etsy, you may utilize local terminology, synonyms, and phrase constructions. On the website, it is not acceptable to use repetitive wording, intentional misspellings, multiple languages, or keyword pluralization.

Wrapping up
etsy seo tips

It takes time to master SEO on any platform, and Etsy is no different. As you gain experience on the web, your methods will improve. Begin utilizing the methods mentioned in this article while you create your Etsy business strategy.

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