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ETSY Banner TIPS for 2023 – Seller Guide

etsy banner tips

Intro or not

There are millions of successful Etsy merchants worldwide. There’s nothing preventing you from being the next Etsy success story if you have the right photographs and a visually appealing landing page.

Etsy is the platform of choice for all creative entrepreneurs. The success of an Etsy business is primarily reliant on uniqueness, creativity, and aesthetics. However, they are not the only variables influencing traffic growth.


1. Ads sizes in 2023
etsy banner tips

To maximize your Etsy business, you will need a variety of photographs. To give your business a professional appearance, all photographs should be in high resolution. These are the current sizes (at the date of 20 January 2023:

  1. Cover image – 3360 x 840 pixels
  2. Shop banner – 760 100 pixels
  3. Profile photo – 400 x 400 pixels
  4. Shop icon – 500 x 500 pixels
  5. Thumbnail – 570 x 456 pixels
  6. Team logo – 170 x 100 pixels
  7. Item listing -800 x 1000 pixels
2.Visuals are triggering
etsy banner tips

Aesthetics are important in getting your items recognized on any Ecommerce platform. Make sure your landing page is appealing and clearly explains the objective of your shop. Product listing photographs should be properly proportioned, appealing, and accurately represent your items.

I felt I really wanted to back off from music completely and just work within the visual arts in some way. – David Bowie, Musician

3. Never to Late: Less is More

Make your Etsy store profile as tidy, concise, and well-organized as possible. Avoid clustering, particularly for profile photographs and banners. Create high-quality banners that convey a clear message.

4. Contrast is Impact
etsy banner tips

Having a visually appealing Etsy store profile is undoubtedly a benefit. You may certainly employ your brand colors to increase brand recognition. Contrasting and eye-catching colors will bring attention to your goods and increase sales.

Wrapping up

Now that you understand the significance of Etsy banners and graphics, you can begin producing your own.

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