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Key Trends on Graphic Design 2023

graphic design trends 2023

Brand building requires the use of graphic design extensively.

To communicate vital messages to their audience, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and a vast array of other organizations rely on graphic design. All businesses eventually need to spend money on graphic design, whether they’re making a logo or developing a full marketing strategy.

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Design influences 94% of first impressions
graphic design first impressions

Building an eye-catching website or logo is one of the most popular reasons businesses use web design. Approximately 94% of individuals claim that a company’s design influences their first perceptions of it.

Visual data is processed by human brains 60,000 times faster

The ability of the human brain to process pictures is greater than that of text or music. Images can be processed by the human brain up to 60,000 times more quickly than text. Furthermore, the environment around us transmits 90% of its information to the brain in the form of images. This shows that a company’s success depends on design.

Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.

Walt Disney

When users visit a website, they focus on a brand logo for about 6 seconds
logo focus

Is proven that when visiting a website, people focus on a brand logo for about 6.4 seconds.

The majority of businesses used original graphics in content in 2022
original graphics

Original graphics, such as illustrations, branded images, and infographics, won the most votes (32.5%). But with just 29.5%, stock photographs were still far behind. Businesses believed that creative graphics would be the most helpful in achieving their marketing objectives. According to 40.8% of respondents, these tools were successful at increasing conversions.

Almost all marketers include images in their content marketing

90 percent of people include images in their blog posts. Consequently, one of the most reliable components of any blogging strategy is visual material. At 54%, statistics are the second most frequent element included in blogs.

Visual content is present in more than half of all Facebook posts

Visual content marketing is crucial for social media. On Twitter and Facebook, visual content frequently receives more shares. On average, photos make up 55.6% of Facebook posts each day. Video accounts for an additional 22% of the daily material stream.

Wrapping up
branding 2023

This small article should provide  a better understanding of the graphic design market, how businesses use their design assets, and the significance of excellent design thanks to these facts on the field. 

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