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How to increase ETSY sales in 2023

etsy sales


Like you, other Etsy merchants are constantly looking for new ways to increase sales. And you’re in the right spot.

We’ve included a number of pointers and strategies for boosting your store’s visibility and sales on Etsy.

Let’s first learn more about Etsy and how it functions if you’re a new seller or business owner who plans to create a shop there.

1. Social Media (obviously)
etsy sales

With today’s marketing strategy, social media plays a key role. Your visibility will rise if you participate in the numerous social networking sites where the majority of your target audience is present.

2. Discounts, Campaigns, Coupons

71% of Etsy customers look for the best price when purchasing a product. As a result, it makes sense to extend to them unique offers like specials, coupons, and discounts.

Additionally, it can encourage repeat business and help you build a loyal following of clients.

Do not compromise on the quality and your customers will not negotiate on the price

3. Store Optimization

By optimizing your item title and tags, you can raise your chances of being found on Etsy.

For instance, if Easter or Christmas Day are coming up, include it in the item title or the keywords.

Use the keywords only if they accurately describe the product or products you sell, and make sure they go with them.

4. Blogging

One of Etsy’s most successful strategies for business expansion is content marketing.

Customers enjoy material that speaks to them, so it can help you attract more of them.

5. Email Marketing still works

Although email marketing may be a more conventional strategy for increasing sales, it is nonetheless popular among internet merchants because it is efficient.

You can send customized emails to your customers to let them know about new items, fascinating blog posts, or marketing promotions.

6. Free Shipping
etsy sales

According to a customer survey, free shipping is the top priority for online shoppers in the e-commerce industry.

To increase your sales on Etsy and have your items rank higher in search results, think about providing free delivery to your consumers.

7. Join ETSY Community

A great approach to advertise your Etsy shop, learn more about Etsy, share your knowledge, and connect with other online merchants is to join a seller club or Etsy community.

Wrapping up
etsy sales

Do you already know about these suggestions? Alternatively, are you going to use these in your internet business?

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