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Mind Blowing Instagram Stats for 2023

instagram stats 2023

12 years of development 12 years of supremacy 12 years of creating millionaires out of millions of people. 12 years of naturally setting the standard for others.


Over the course of its 11-year history, Instagram has impacted every aspect of life. The fact that it is where business owners and their clients go for social networking then stands to reason. Today, consumers view more than 200 million business profiles on Instagram each day.

Businesses on Instagram
instagram business

For marketing and sales success, many firms rely on Instagram. If you fall into this category, read on to learn what the statistics have to say about the Instagram business in 2022.

Every day, 200 million Instagram users go to businesses’ profiles.

The platform is used to research products and services, according to 81% of users.

Ads on Instagram

Instagram advertising are a necessity unless you have Cristiano Ronaldo’s level of popularity.

In comparison to Facebook, Instagram’s total ad “spend” is 23% greater.

27% of Instagram users claim that paid social ads are how they discover new goods and services.

Talent without working hard is nothing.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Footballer

Reels on Instagram

Following the introduction of reels, Instagram usage in India increased by 3.5%. 

On the explore page, reels are displayed. Given that more than 200 million people visit the Explore tab every day, there is a good chance that your content will go viral.

Instagram and Traveling
instagram travel

One of the most popular and lucrative genres on Instagram is travel.

35% of Instagram users use the platform to find new destinations to visit.

A picture or video posted by friends, family, or other users on social media, according to 52% of customers, inspired them to travel to a certain location.

Instagram and Stories
ig stories

Instagram Stories from companies account for one-third (1/3) of the most popular stories.

Almost 58% of consumers say they are now more interested in a company or product they spotted on Instagram.

About 60% of millennials post or view Instagram Stories.

IG Facts
instagram facts

10.7 hashtags are used on average every Instagram post.

The majority of social media marketing professionals concur that high engagement rates range from 1% to 5%.

Since the launch of the Instagram platform, over 40 billion images and videos have been shared there.

Comparing Instagram to Facebook, the number of interactions might increase by nearly 4 times.

Wrapping up
instagram stats

Sharing your brand across IG and telling its story is a continuous effort, but the stats are there. No doubt is the platform for your brand!

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