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You already know what 2023 means: a new year implies fresh t-shirt fashion trends!

Wavy Words Designs
etsy tshirt design

How entertaining is this style? We are here for it because it makes us feel happy and lively. We’re also here for the retro 1960s vibe that adding a wave effect to your text may provide your design.

2. Drawing Style Designs
etsy tshirt design

We’ve been seeing a variety of drawings for this trend, from straightforward line drawings to very intricate portraits, and we love them all!

Every great design begins with an even better story. – Lorinda Mamo, designer

3. Statements Designs
etsy tshirt design

We all require the energy that this design trend is all about—taking a position and declaring what you mean in 2023.

4. Typography Designs
etsy tshirt design

Almost no images or photos are included in this style, which mostly focuses on statements, phrases, or slogans. Written words make up the majority of typographic t-shirt design elements. The invention of the statement, message, or slogan on the t-shirt and the selection of the typeface or font combinations to employ are both creative aspects of this style of t-shirt design. You must take into account the typefaces, word hierarchy, and word spacing and layout while creating typographic designs.


  • Little to no creative talent is often needed, making it simple to produce
  • T-shirt with a strong statement, catchphrase, or slogan.
  • Creating a typeface or message for you won’t probably be necessary because you will be able to do it yourself.
  • You won’t likely be printing a wide range of complicated colors on your t-shirt design, therefore any printing technique may be used to print it.


  • Because they may significantly affect the t-overall shirt’s appearance, consider carefully how you combine fonts and arrange words and sentences.
  • It may be simple for others to imitate and duplicate this kind of t-shirt design.
  • You should take care to avoid using any words or phrases that are protected by trademarks or copyright.
5. Photography Designs
etsy tshirt design

Hyper-realistic visuals are what set this t-shirt design apart. Photography-themed t-shirts emphasize the image itself, with any writing serving as a compliment. This sort of t-shirt design relies heavily on your picture, therefore the printing process is crucial to ensuring the image comes out precisely as you intended.


  • When printed properly, T-shirts with photographic pictures on them may be incredibly engrossing and eye-catching.
  • If the image was specially created, it could be challenging for others to duplicate the t-shirt design.
  • You may make this kind of t-shirt design as basic or intricate as you wish.
6. Graphic Designs
  • Both typography and artwork are used in this kind of t-shirt design. To produce a styled, illustrated t-shirt design that’s engaging and eye-catching, the main design criteria are pictures that are often matched with text.


  • When the image and font complement each other nicely, this t-shirt design style may be incredibly fascinating.
  • Your t-shirt can probably be printed using any technique, depending on how vibrant your design is.
  • You may make this kind of t-shirt design as straightforward or intricate as you desire.
  • Your t-shirt design will be challenging for others to reproduce if you develop the graphic design yourself.
7. Branded Designs

This kind of design is produced only for the goal of marketing a good, name, or business. You must be familiar with your own brand and understand exactly how you want it to be “branded” in order to build a successful branded design.

8. Abstract Designs

People are drawn to abstract designs because they are repetitive or absurd combinations of pictures or words that don’t have a specific story, representation, or meaning.


  • You may design this t-shirt yourself, based on your creative abilities and degree of expertise.
  • The complexity of this design is entirely up to you.
  • Almost any printing technique should work with this design.
  • The difficulty of others replicating your design will depend on it.
Wrapping Up

Take some time to browse the t-shirt design inspiration sites we’ve provided to get a better idea of what you like and don’t like in a t-shirt design so you can choose which of the 5 t-shirt design types is your favorite and then build on that design for your own t-shirt business.

Having trouble incorporating all these suggestions into your business? Hire an agency that can handle and fix it for you, contact us here or check all our services here.

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