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Top 6 Color Trends in Graphic Design

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Regarding consistency, maintaining color coherence is crucial. Using a color palette for the entirety of your design would be a wonderful option if you’re not trying to generate extreme contrast in it. It is highly aesthetically beautiful and will subtly interest onlookers.

For the mere reason that it is attractive to look at, any bypasser will pause to see what you have to offer, even if your design has nothing to do with them. Therefore, the major message is basically: for the love of excellent graphic design, please utilize a color palette.

1. Futuristic Colors

The two go hand in hand: transformation and creativity. In actuality, the most important traits for the future are uniqueness, initiative, and inventiveness. The ability to express ourselves without leaving our homes is another benefit of technology. The number of electronic musicians, digital artists, YouTube bloggers, and Instagram or TikTok celebrities is therefore rising.

2. Pastels and Metallics

When Paris Hilton was the dominant lifestyle symbol in the 2000s, everything was pink and fluffy. The early 2000s aesthetic has returned to dominate popular culture now that Paris is back and Britney is free. The reason behind this is that Gen-Z and the millennial generation are nostalgic, and as they are currently the largest generations, they set the trends.

Colors are the smiles of nature. – Leigh Hunt

3. Minimalism

Despite the fact that minimalism began as an artistic movement in the 1960s, contemporary culture now adopts it as a way of life to counter materialism. So, in recent years, the concept of minimalism has gained popularity. The top trends list still includes it in 2022.

People try to use things that have a purpose, combat rapid fashion by purchasing clothing from vintage retailers, and unfollow influencers whose opinions they don’t agree with. Being more focused and living a more meaningful life are also important aspects of minimalism. It so covers a wide range of topics, including the products you eat for breakfast and the content you view while browsing through Instagram.

4. Nature-related hues

The world appears to need to pay greater attention to nature in addition to technical advancements. Fast fashion, trash, and greenhouse gas emissions are three topics that are being discussed more and more, which spurs “green” initiatives. We can no longer avoid the harm we inflict to nature, thus sustainability, rubbish sorting, and the production of organic products are becoming increasingly widespread.

The pandemic also led to a change in perspective about urban living. People are migrating to rural areas in greater numbers in search of more space. And a remote working model makes this possible.

5. Psychedelic

Think of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” or “Sex education” series for examples of pop culture references to retro fashion. 2022 will see the continued influence of 80s nostalgia, although the dominant trend for this year will be psychedelic art from the 1970s.

This might be the result of the decriminalization of psychedelic therapy for mental health treatment or a desire to experiment with digital design. So prepare yourself for a lot of weird pictures, vivid colors, and kaleidoscopic patterns in 2022.

6. Ocean and sky

Blue tones never go out of style and always bring our good feeling’s on everyone.

A connection may be made, feelings can be evoked, and the senses can be stimulated with the help of the potent tool of color. The use of color to enhance mental and physical well-being will become more prevalent in the spring and summer of 2022 as consumers place a higher priority on health and safety in the wake of the epidemic.

Nothing inspires more optimism and tranquility than the hue of a bright, sunny sky and the waves of the ocean. The consistent, comforting, and seasonally appropriate tone of Atlantic Blue recalls the hues of natural indigo dyes and the color of the ocean, making it perfect for eco-friendly and conventional logo designs.

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